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Nektar Impact LX Mini 25 Keys Midi Keyboard


  • MIDI CONTROLLER WITH IN-BUILT DAW INTEGRATION – This compact and portable MIDI controller with intelligent and expressive performance control. Built in is a DAW Integration unprecedented in controllers of its class. It is custom designed for Ableton Live, Bitwig, Cakewalk, Cubase, Digital Performer, FL Studio GarageBand, Logic Pro X, Mixcraft, Nuendo, Reason, Reaper and Studio One taking the Impact LX Mini beyond functionality normally offered by a USB MIDI controller keyboard.
  • INNOVATIVE ARPEGGIATOR & NOTE REPEAT MODE: Two independent Arp/Repeat engines (one for keys and one for pads) with instant parameter access will inspire exciting synth and percussion lines. Once selected and activated, the Arp/Repeat engine parameters are available on the 8 knobs: Rate, Swing, Accent Level, Interval, Tempo, Arp Modes and Arp Octave can be changed in real-time. The screen printing makes it easy to find the parameter you are looking for.
  • VELOCITY SENSITIVE MINI KEYS – Impact LX Mini features our newly developed keybed with 25 velocity-sensitive mini-keys. It can be played expressively and has a defined and firm feel. With a choice of 4 velocity curves and 3 fixed values, you can tailor the keyboard response to your playing style. Dedicated Octave buttons let you shift the octave swiftly for a wider reach. Additionally, the Part 2 buttons can be used for transpose.
  • CONTROL FEATURES – 8 knobs give you instant access to arpeggio, instrument or MIDI CC# parameters. The Joystick is 4 modulation controls in one: Left/right controls pitch bend, the upwards axis is preassigned to control modulation and the downwards axis is set to foot pedal control. Control any MIDI music software from LX Mini’s 7 Transport buttons. All buttons are MIDI-assignable, with the shift button doubling the number of assignments to 14.
  • TOUCH SENSITIVE PADS – Impact LX Mini helps you creating expressive grooves and beats with its 8 velocity-sensitive pads. They offer a hyper-sensitive and even response, ideal for finger-drumming. Assignments are done in seconds and can be stored in 4 pad maps for a total of 32 note assignments.that’s essential to getting the most out of your pads.
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 39 × 19 × 3 cm

Kindly confirm product availability before placing your orders. Call/WhatsApp +91 9841538445

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