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Veena the traditional instrument of India is also known as saraswati veena which is a musical instrument of south India. The veena is considered as the queen of Indian musical instruments. Veena is a classical instrument basically plucked stringed instrument that is used to accompany carnatic music. The present form of the veena is a polyphonous instrument designed and developed by govinda dikshitar during the reign of raghunath naik of tanjore. It is often called the tanjore veena or the saraswati veena. The veena is four feet in length consisting of a large resonator (kudam), a wooden bridge (kudurai), a tapering hollow neck (dandi), a smaller non-functional resonator and seven strings of the veena. The thandi (tapering hollow neck) comes next, followed by the valaivu (curve) and then the yalli (ornamental figurine). The body of the thanjavur veena is painted and engraved with delicate wood work, which usually consists of picture of god and goddess, motifs of flowers or birds. The sarawasti veena has four playing strings and three drone strings (thalam). The main bridge is a flat bar made of brass. This bar has a alight curve, and it is this curve that gives the veena its characteristic sound. The string instrument with two ground resonators is connected by a central shaft and held diagonally from lap to shoulder

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Dimensions 146 × 51 × 49 cm

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